Exploring Integrations With Microsoft


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Illustrate the integration concept of SAP Build Work Zone with Microsoft solutions, such as, SharePoint Online

Microsoft Integration

SAP Build Work Zone provides several integration scenarios into different Microsoft solutions, specifically focused on completing content management and collaboration related scenarios.

Open, Edit, and Check-Out Microsoft Office Documents

Documents in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Excel can be opened or edited in their respective desktop application. Editing will automatically check-out the document to prevent other users from changing the document during this time. If required, the checkout can be discarded by the workspace administrators. To search within the document, click on hyperlinks, and so on. The document can either be downloaded or opened in the desktop application.

Integration with Microsoft SharePoint Online

SAP Build Work Zone can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint Online, specifically the documents stored within SharePoint Online sites. These integrated documents can then be accessed from within SAP Build Work Zone alongside other content. They are considered content from an external repository with dedicated widgets and access scenarios.

Documents stored within Microsoft SharePoint are view-only in SAP Build Work Zone. Users can browse all shared content repositories and documents within their SAP Build Work Zone workspaces. They can comment, annotate, like, download, mark as a featured item, and bookmark Microsoft SharePoint Online documents like regular content, but cannot change or delete any content. These actions need to be taken in Microsoft SharePoint directly. They can also copy documents or folders from an external repository to a local folder within SAP Build Work Zone.

While the integration setup is done on a global system level by an SAP Build Work Zone administrator, several setup aspects can be delegated to workspace administrators if desired.

If enabled, each workspace administrator can add and/or rename the external content repository(>Admin >Feature Enablement >Features) on the workspace level. This includes the configuration of new repositories:

ā€¦ and the ability to rename the external repository on a workspace level:

The workspace administrator can then add a content repository via Edit Workspace Settings ā†’ Setup, and select to display the content via a dedicated External Content widget for the overview page.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

In addition to Microsoft SharePoint Online repositories, there is also a dedicated Microsoft Teams integration scenario to bring Teams and Work Zone closer together from a user experience perspective. It should be noted that technically, content from Microsoft Teams channels is also stored in SharePoint Online sites. Therefore, the content from these can be integrated the same way as regular SharePoint site content.

In addition to this content-centric integration scenario, SAP Build Work Zone provides a dedicated Microsoft Teams application that can be downloaded and enabled. The setup steps require an SAP Build Work Zone administrator to download files relevant for integration to Microsoft Teams, and a Microsoft Teams administrator, who then uploads this file to the Apps repository, and enables it for relevant user groups.

If enabled, users are provided with two main integration scenarios.

SAP Build Work Zone Application in Side Panel

In this application, users can see three tabs from SAP Build Work Zone:

  • My Inbox.
  • My Workspace.
  • About (with information and links to the web version of SAP Build Work Zone).

Benefits from seamless integration, and allows employees to access SAP business apps and collaborate on business information from Microsoft Teams.

Integrate all Selected Workspaces in Different Channels

SAP Build Work Zone is added to the selection of tools that can be integrated as tabs into Microsoft Teams channels:

This allows users to select either a dedicated workspace they are a member of, or the content from SAP Build Work Zone overall:

SAP Build Work Zone users can also start a Microsoft Teams chat with their colleagues from SAP Build Work Zone. This feature can be enabled separately from the integration with Microsoft Teams itself through the SAP Build Work Zone administration console.

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