Managing Warranties


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain warranty management
  • Configure the system to allow warranties
  • Create a warranty and assign it to a registered product

Warranty Management

No doubt you have purchased many products in your life that come with, or give you an option to purchase, a warranty. You know then, that a warranty is a type of assurance provided by a manufacturer for a customer.

The warranty generally includes any information about what is covered and what actions will be taken in the event something goes wrong with the product. In some cases, the entire product may be replaced, while in others only the replacement parts are provided. Sometimes labor services are included, while in other cases are not.

In most cases, warranties are time based, so the time frame will be an important part of the warranty.

In SAP Service Cloud, a warranty is associated with a Registered Product.

When an agent creates a ticket and adds the registered product, the warranty is automatically determined. This way the agent can clearly see whether service will be an additional cost to the customer or if it is included in the warranty. It's more accurate, and a lot faster!

Configuring Warranties

In order to use warranties in SAP Service Cloud, there are several configuration steps.

First, you'll activate Warranty Management in Scoping.

Next, in the Activity List, you'll fine tune the warranty process by adding a number range for both internal and external warranties.

The next step is to create a date profile to specify how many days after product delivery will pass before warranties take effect. This is also done in the activity list.

Finally, you'll grant access to the Warranties work center to any business users or roles that will be working with warranties.

How to Configure the System to Allow Warranties

Configure the System to Allow Warranties

How to Grant Access to the Warranties Work Center

Grant Access to the Warranties Work Center

Create a Warranty and Assign to a Registered Product

As long as the user has access permission, a warranty is created in the Products work center, on the Warranties view.

The required data on the warranty is the name, ID, and Duration. You can also select a coverage option if needed.

Activate Warranty Management.

You then assign a product a warranty by editing the registered product to link it to the warranty.

How to Create a Warranty and Assign to a Registered Product

Create a Warranty and Assign to a Registered Product

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