Using Installed Bases and Registered Products


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish the terms registered product, installed base and installation point
  • Create a registered product
  • Create an installed base
  • Add registered products to an installed base

Registered Product, Installed Base, Installation Point

In SAP Service Cloud, a registered product is an instance of a product that is associated with a specific customer. A customer registering a product they purchased then enables the service desk agent to identify the unique customer product and determine service entitlements if a problem occurs. If a warranty exists for the product, the system links to the relevant warranty and automatically determines the relevant warranty dates. This significantly streamlines the customer service process. The same applies should the customer have multiple registered products at a single site and/or across multiple sites. For example a single exercise bike owner and then a hotel business with, say, one hotel in each of 2 cities, with several exercise bikes in their gyms.

Products can be physical, for example exercise bikes, services, like an electrician, or entitlements, like a software license. Products can also be combined for a customer. For example an exercise bike combined with a service contract for it.

A single customer's combined products are referred to as an installed base in SAP Service Cloud. An Installed Base is a hierarchical arrangement of the sites where the products are located and the registered products themselves. For example, a rental car agency with twenty cars that is operating in two cities, with two rental locations in each, or a company with cloud-based software licenses, one dedicated web address with ten logins.

SAP Service Cloud also provides, for each product in the installed base hierarchy, an installation point where information about the product's specific location can be maintained. That earlier hotel business's exercise bikes could then be an installed base hierarchy comprising 2 sites (cities), each with a hotel, but the one, larger hotel, then sub-divided as it has two gyms not one.

An installed base allows, particularly the larger, customer to have its assets better tracked and managed, again, significantly streamlining the customer service process. A customer's installed assets can: be tracked; each have an employee responsible and a primary technician assigned; have their service histories tracked.

How to Create a Registered Product

Create a Registered Product

How to Create an Installed Base

Create an Installed Base

How to Add Registered Products to an Installed Base

Add Registered Products to an Installed Base

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