Preparing Test Cases for User Acceptance Testing


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Prepare manual test cases for user acceptance testing in SAP Cloud ALM

Test Cases in SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Cloud ALM Test Management Apps

The SAP Cloud ALM test management apps are designed to provide an area where you document and keep track of all testing activities for both manual and automated test cases in one location. Through an integration with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud test system, automated test cases can be executed and tracked directly in SAP Cloud ALM. Third party test providers, such as Tricentis Test Automation can also be integrated. Learn how to set up the integration between SAP Cloud ALM and the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool or Tricentis Test Automation for SAP in the SAP Help Portal.

There are a variety of resources to support test planning and execution in the SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer, which the implementation team would access during implementation via their assigned tasks in SAP Cloud ALM.

Test Case Preparation

Manual test cases need to be created in SAP Cloud ALM for any formal tests that need to be documented. This includes the user acceptance tests (UAT) conducted by the customer LoB experts who participated in the Fit-to-Standard workshops.

Test cases are created in the Test Preparation app based on the finalized solution scope (business processes) first, then assigned to test plans in the Test Plans app. Because the solution scope is based on the SAP Best Practices, SAP Cloud ALM will pull in the relevant test procedure titles from the test script associated to the business process.

  1. In the Test Preparation app, select Create to create a new test case with the following information:
    • Type: Manual
    • Title: Use the title of the standard business process + something to define the purpose of the test (for example, UAT to indicate a customer LoB expert will be executing the test case)
    • Project: Automatically filled
    • Scope: Select the SAP S/4HANA Cloud scope already assigned to the implementation project
    • Solution Process: Select a business process within your LoB area of expertise
    • Solution Process Flow Diagram: Select the populated process flow diagram
  2. On the next page, select which activities (test procedures) are in-scope and therefore should be tested. You also have the ability to make small changes and add/remove steps on this page.
  3. Change the status to Prepared.
  4. Save your test case.

Only the titles of the test procedures are pulled into the test cases. The tester needs to have the actual test script from SAP Signavio Process Navigator to know what actions they should be taking in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud test system.

Learn more about test preparation with SAP Cloud ALM in the SAP Help Portal.

Test Plan Preparation and Execution

In the Test Plan app, you create a test plan that groups together one or more test cases. Test cases can be executed individually as long as they are in the Prepared status, but they cannot be assigned to a specific tester. A test plan enables you to either map one test case per test plan, or multiple test cases to create an end-to-end LoB test plan. Test plans can be assigned to a specific tester with a window of time defining when the test needs to take place. As long as the test plan is in the status, In Testing, the plan will display for an assigned tester in their Overview app as a task that needs to be completed. The actual testing is done in the Test Execution app, which is focused on capturing whether or not a procedure passes or fails, and if there are issues, why.

For the sake of clarity in UAT, you should assign test case(s) to test plans and assign those plans to specific testers. This makes it easy for the testers to know what they are responsible for testing, and to document defects or issues they encounter during the test. Any documented defects or issues need to be resolved by the implementation team, and re-tested by the original tester to confirm the resolution.

  1. Navigate to the Test Plan app and select Create to create a new test plan.
  2. Select Assign Test Cases to add one or more test cases to the plan.
  3. Assign the person responsible for completing the tests and the start/end dates.
  4. Change the Status to In Testing when finished, then Save.
  5. The assigned tester should see the test case display in their Overview app as a task that needs to be completed, in addition to the Test Execution app, where the actual testing and documentation takes place.

The customer LoB experts need to exist in SAP Cloud ALM in order to assign them to test plans. If they have not already been created with user accounts in SAP Cloud ALM, reach out to the customer IT Contact to handle this task as quickly as possible.

Learn more about test execution with SAP Cloud ALM in the SAP Help Portal.

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