Setting up Customer-Driven Integrations


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  • Identify integration content in SAP Business Accelerator Hub

SAP Business Accelerator Hub Overview

SAP Business Accelerator Hub Overview

The SAP Business Accelerator Hub (formerly, SAP API Business Hub) is a public catalog of integration, extension, and many other content resources produced by SAP and our partner developer ecosystem primarily through the SAP Business Technology Platform tools & services. The APIs on the SAP Business Accelerator Hub are documented in the open API format, which is a vendor-neutral open-source format that makes it as easy as possible to connect SAP applications to non-SAP applications. Customers can trust the stability of these APIs because SAP requires the content on the Business Accelerator Hub to have a deprecation policy that defines versioning, compatibility of changes, and applicability.

If you have thoroughly searched SAP Signavio Process Navigator and the SAP Help Portal and have not found an SAP Best Practices integration scenario that addresses your customer's integration requirement, it's time to consider a custom development. As an implementation consultant with expertise in a line of business (LoB), it's not your responsibility to develop the custom integration, but you should use your expertise to identify as many resources as possible in the Business Accelerator Hub that could be used by developers to build the integration or extension that's needed to address a customer requirement.

We call these integrations "customer-driven", because developer(s) from the customer side should be involved in designing and building the content so they know where the integrations live, and how to maintain and monitor them through future release upgrades. Initially, customer developers may not be familiar with the wide range of prebuilt resources available in the Business Accelerator Hub, so as a consultant, your responsibility is to share the information with them, and ultimately keep track of the progress of each integration requirement documented in SAP Cloud ALM from the Fit-to-Standard workshops you are responsible for until all have been resolved.


Learn more about the SAP Business Accelerator Hub in the SAP Help Portal.

SAP Fiori apps to access applications or services in SAP Business Technology Platform

When using the SAP Business Accelerator Hub to source prebuilt content for integrations, extensions, or other customizations, an integration expert or developer will likely need to use some of the following SAP Fiori apps in SAP S/4HANA Cloud to make the connections between applications and enable end users to access the relevant information:

  • Custom Communication Scenarios app - Create custom communication scenarios by defining inbound and/or outbound services that you can later use to set up a communication arrangement. All communication arrangements must be based on a communication scenario.
  • Enterprise Event Enablement app - You can publish events triggered from SAP S/4HANA Cloud applications through Business Event Handling and consume these events in apps built on SAP Business Technology Platform using the SAP Event Mesh service. A customer must subscribe to the SAP Event Mesh service and the Business Event Handling (1NN) process must be activated in SAP Central Business Configuration to set up event-driven connections with this app.
  • Maintain Extensions on SAP BTP app - Connect or disable extensions living in SAP Business Technology Platform with your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system.
  • Custom Tiles app - Create your own custom tiles that display on the SAP Fiori launchpad to access external applications or websites relevant to end users.
  • Custom Catalog Extensions app - When a custom tile is created, you assign the tile to a custom business catalog, which can then be assigned to a business role to grant end users access to the new tile on the launchpad. In addition, the tile will need to be added to an existing or custom space and page to display the tile to end users (otherwise they could only access the app by using the enterprise search and knowing what to search for).

Check which role is required for your business user to access an application on the Fiori launchpad by looking up the relevant app in the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library.

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