Configuring SAP HANA Cockpit


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure SAP HANA cockpit

Databases, Groups, and Cockpit Users

You can register cockpit users, groups, and databases with the SAP HANA Cockpit Manager. Start the Cockpit Manager with the following URL:

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In our training landscape, the SAP HANA Cockpit Manager URL would be as follows:

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Guided Procedures in SAP HANA Cockpit

Registering Databases and Creating Groups and Users in SAP HANA Cockpit

To monitor and manage databases, you need to register the system database and all the tenants of an SAP HANA database system as a database in SAP HANA cockpit. These databases can be grouped together and assigned to dedicated users.

You can register an SAP HANA system to the SAP HANA Cockpit Manager using the COCKPIT_ADMIN user account credentials. This user account is automatically created during the installation of SAP HANA cockpit.

To register a database, follow the guided procedure steps and provide the required information, like host, instance number, technical user, connection type, and group assignment.

Create the Technical User Using Guided Procedure

Before you can register an SAP HANA tenant or system database as a database in SAP HANA cockpit, you need a technical user in that specific tenant or system database. This technical user can easily be created during the Register Database procedure in SAP HANA cockpit.

When you create the technical user during the Register Database procedure, the required system privileges are assigned automatically. The technical user requires the CATALOG READ system privilege, and SELECT on the _SYS_STATISTICS schema.

Set up a dedicated account for the technical user. This technical user account should not be used by any other person.

Create the Technical User Using SQL

It is also possible to create the technical user by using the SQL console from SAP HANA database explorer.

In the SAP HANA database explorer SQL console, you can create this user manually and grant the minimum necessary authorization by executing the following SQL commands:

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GRANT CATALOG READ to <username>;
An existing database user can be used as an SAP HANA cockpit user.

Creating Groups

A group is a named set of one or more registered databases. A group associates a set of registered databases with cockpit users. In this way, the cockpit users can use SAP HANA cockpit to manage and monitor the databases within their responsibility. Use the Cockpit Manager application to assign databases and cockpit users to groups.

A registered database can belong to a usage type group. The usage type groups Development, Test, and Production are automatically created when the database is assigned a usage type of Production, Test, or Development. The usage type is assigned during the installation of an SAP HANA database, but can be changed after the installation.

To create a group, follow the guided procedure steps and provide the required information like group name, database assignment, and cockpit user.

The system usage type can be changed in the global.ini file. In the global.ini file, locate the section system_information and change the parameter usage.

The cockpit administrator can use the groups to view and administrate similar SAP HANA databases. The cockpit administrator can also control which other users have access to a database.

In order to have access to a database, a cockpit user must belong to one of the groups that you have created containing the database. It is not possible to assign users to an auto-created group, so to manage the databases, you have to create your own groups.

You can choose to hide one or more of the auto-created groups through the Cockpit Manager by selecting Settings, then Display, and deselecting or selecting each box. Opting to hide the auto-created groups does not affect the system usage type associated with the database. It simply prevents the cockpit from organizing the display of databases by auto-created group.

After you have finished the configuration of your landscape in Cockpit Manager application, you can access the SAP HANA cockpit to monitor and administer the SAP HANA systems in your landscape.

Creating Cockpit Users

With the Cockpit Manager application, you can create cockpit users and assign them to groups of databases.

Cockpit users are SAP HANA cockpit application users. Therefore, they are separate from the database user credentials associated with the database managed and monitored through the cockpit. Each cockpit user can be assigned access to groups of databases.

COCKPIT_ADMIN, created during the installation, is the administration user who can create other cockpit users and assign roles and permissions.

To create a cockpit user, follow the guided procedure steps and provide the required information, like user name, password, and group assignment.

In order to drill down into a specific system, each cockpit user also requires access as a database user. Database users are not managed through the Cockpit Manager application, but rather through the User Management link in the User & Role Management card on the Database Overview screen.

When a cockpit user is assigned to a group, this user can monitor each of the databases within that group. The user also sees the aggregate data for the group. If no groups currently exist, you can add users to a new group after you have created the group.

A cockpit user that is not assigned to any groups, or is assigned to an empty group, can access the SAP HANA cockpit. However, the cockpit shows no data because the cockpit user is not assigned to any database.

SAP HANA Cockpit User Management

Each cockpit user must be assigned at least one cockpit role, which will dictate what portions of the cockpit or the Cockpit Manager they can access. (Cockpit roles are unrelated to the roles associated with database users. The latter govern which SAP HANA privileges are assigned to a database user).

There are several SAP HANA cockpit roles available. It is even possible to combine roles in one user account. The table, SAP HANA Cockpit Roles, lists the available roles.

SAP HANA Cockpit Roles

Cockpit RolePermits access to
Cockpit Administrator RoleModifies cockpit settings through the Cockpit Manager.
Cockpit Database Administrator RoleRegisters databases, creates database groups, and assigns cockpit users and databases to groups through the Cockpit Manager.
Cockpit User Administrator RoleCreates cockpit users through the Cockpit Manager.
Cockpit User RoleMonitors specific databases through the SAP HANA cockpit.
–– additional permission 1Allow this user to register databases.
–– additional permission 2Allow this user to manage database configuration templates.
Cockpit Troubleshooting RoleViews XSA logs in the Cockpit Manager.
To view XSA Logs, you will also need to assign the XSA role of Space Auditor.

During the setup and configuration of the SAP HANA cockpit, you have to consider several types of users to be created or assigned.

  • The Cockpit Manager User (COCKPIT_ADMIN) is responsible for the creation and assignment of databases, groups, cockpit users.

  • The Cockpit Application User (Cockpit_User_A) is a personal application user to grant the database administrator access to the SAP HANA Cockpit application.

  • The DB User (HANA_ADMIN_A) is a personal user account in the databases for which the database administrator is responsible. The assignment from personal database user to the Cockpit User is done in the database directory.

  • The OS User is the Operating System User, usually <sid>adm, used to access the SAP Control process. This user is used for starting and stopping the database, and to control the restore process.

  • The Technical User (COCKPIT_MONITOR) is a user account created per database, which is used for the monitor data collection in the Aggregate Health Monitor. The technical user needs to be created manually in each database that needs to be monitored.

To implement the use of personal users for the sapstartsrv, use SAP Note 1881622 – SAP HANA DB: Access to trace files via sapstartsrv.

With this setup, the segregation of duties can be implemented.

Opening SAP HANA Cockpit

You can open the SAP HANA cockpit with the following URL:

Code snippet

In our training landscape, the SAP HANA Cockpit Manager URL would be as follows:

Code snippet

After logging on, you are presented with an overview of groups and databases assigned to your personal user account.

In the SAP HANA cockpit home screen, you see an overview of the running status of the SAP HANA systems assigned to you. Select the Database Directory tile or your group tile to get an aggregated health overview per database.

Detailed Database Overview

From the aggregated health view, you can navigate to the SAP HANA Database Overview page. The Database Overview page displays the detailed status of the selected SAP HANA database.

The cards in the detailed Database Overview provide information about the status of the SAP HANA database. The screen can be configured to auto-refresh. This ensures the cards always display the current monitoring information.

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