Illustrating SAP ABAP Systems on SAP HANA


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  • Illustrate SAP ABAP Systems on SAP HANA

SAP HANA as Primary Persistence for ABAP-Based Systems

SAP HANA as Primary Persistence

In integrated scenarios, SAP HANA is used as the primary persistence for applications. This is achieved by migrating existing SAP Business Suite systems to SAP HANA, or by performing greenfield installations directly on SAP HANA. With SAP HANA becoming the primary persistence of the ABAP application server, all objects and processes can use the in-memory technology.


Although architecturally it looks as if the change solely affected the database layer, the application running on SAP HANA must be optimized explicitly in advance to use the capabilities and push down calculation intense logic to the database. Therefore, minimum versions, especially Enhancement Package levels, exist and contain SAP HANA support.

Deployment Options for SAP HANA and ABAP Application Server

SAP HANA and an ABAP-based system can be deployed on two different servers, or on one server.

Deployment of SAP HANA and ABAP-based systems on one hardware is available for all productive and nonproductive SAP HANA single-node installations.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Additive sizing: additional memory resources for the ABAP application server must be available on the SAP HANA server.

  • Both systems require separate SIDs.

Connection of the ABAP Work Process to SAP HANA

The application data of the ABAP applications are stored in the schema SAP<Schema-ID> of the SAP HANA system. The ABAP work processes connect to the SAP HANA system with the username SAP<Schema-ID> and the respective password of the user.

For automatic logon during the start of the ABAP application server, the password is stored in the SAP HANA secure user store (hdbuserstore). This is a tool installed with the SAP HANA client software. It is used to store connection information to SAP HANA systems securely on the client so that client applications can connect to SAP HANA without users having to enter this information. It is typically used by the ABAP application server or by scripts connecting to SAP HANA.

The connection information of the user SAP<Schema-ID> is stored in the DEFAULT key.

In an ABAP application server, the hdbuserstore program is located in the /usr/sap/<SID>/hdbclient directory.


As an alternative, you can use Secure Storage in File System (ABAP application server) (SSFS) for the storage of the password for the ABAP database user. See SAP Note 1639578 - SSFS as password store for primary database connect.

If you change the SAP<Schema-ID> password of an ABAP application server system, you also must update the relevant DEFAULT connection entries in the hdbuserstore or update the ABAP SSFS of the <sapsid>adm (Linux) or Domain\SAPService<SAPSID> (Windows) operating system user. Otherwise, the ABAP application server work processes continue to use the old password when establishing the connection.

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