Scheduling Data Backups

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure Data Backups

Centrally Scheduling Backups

Data backups can be scheduled using the SAP HANA cockpit. You can schedule complete, incremental, or differential backups, as well as backups to file or third-party (BACKINT) tools.

Each tenant administrator can schedule tenant backups in its own tenant. In this case, the backup times are not coordinated with the backup times of the other tenants. From the SYSTEMDB, the SAP HANA database system administrator can schedule tenant backups centrally so that backup times are coordinated.

To open the central backup scheduler, navigate to the Database Management application from the Database Directory screen. In Database Management screen, choose the °°° (More) menu, and select the option Backup Schedules. In the Backup Schedules screen, you see an overview of the scheduled backups of all tenants.

Backup Schedule Wizard

Use the Backup Schedule wizard to configure the backups according to the backup strategy. In the wizard, you can configure the following:

Schedule Type
Specify if you want to plan a recurring backup (series of backup) or a single backup.
Choose the database (SYSTEMDB or tenant) for which this schedule is created.
Schedule Name
Specify a unique name to identify the scheduled backup. Use a naming convention that includes the tenant name and backup type. A useful naming convention could be <Tenant Name>_<Backup Type>_<Recurrence>
Code snippet
Example: Schedule a complete data backup for the tenant H46 daily, the schedule name would be: H46_Complete_Daily
Backup Settings
In this step, specify the backup type (Complete, Differential, or Incremental), the use of backup compression, a customized backup prefix instead of the default [date]_[time], an alternative backup destination, and a comment.
Recurrence Pattern
You can choose from weekly, monthly, every two months, quarterly, semi-annually (twice a year), or annually.
Recurrence Details
Depending on the selected Recurrence Pattern, specify the time zone, the backup start time, on which day, month, or quarter the backup should be created.
Here, you can check that all of your input is correct, and then the schedule can be activated by saving the data backup schedule.

After the backups have been scheduled with the SAP HANA cockpit, the schedule is transferred to the SAP HANA database. This means that the scheduled backups are executed independently of the SAP HANA cockpit.

Overview of Scheduled Data Backups

Scheduling Data Backups Using SQL Commands

Instead of the central scheduler from SAP HANA cockpit, it's also possible to use external backup scheduler tools. These third-party tools use SQL commands to execute the backups in SAP HANA. The SQL command to use is as follows:

Code snippet
BACKUP DATA USING FILE (<path><prefix>)

The <path> should be a full path to the destination, otherwise, the default basepath_databackup location is used. For the full syntax of the BACKUP DATA command, see the SAP HANA SQL Reference Guide for SAP HANA Platform

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