Updating SAP HANA Cockpit


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Update SAP HANA cockpit

Update SAP HANA Cockpit

The SAP HANA cockpit can be updated using the SAP HANA database lifecycle manager (HDBLCM). This makes the update relatively easy because it is the same procedure used to update SAP HANA.


Before starting the update, it is recommend to perform a database backup or have a recent backup available.

To update the SAP HANA cockpit, you need to first download the update files from SAP Software Download Center. You can do this manually or use the SAP HANA database lifecycle manager (HDBLCM) Web user interface.

After downloading the SAP HANA cockpit update package, you need to extract the SAR file using the following command:

Code snippet

  ## is the Support Package Stack number.
  $$ is the patch level.

Once the component packages have been prepared, the system update can be triggered from any of the three HDBLCM user interfaces.

The HDBLCM tool recognizes an installed SAP HANA cockpit, and will suggest updating the existing system. This will update all the required components of the SAP HANA cockpit. HDBLCM will also request you to provide the password for the users <sid>adm, SYSTEM, and the COCKPIT_ADMIN user.

Do not update the SAP HANA cockpit components individually. Always use the SAP HANA database lifecycle manager to update the cockpit and all of its components in one step.

When all the required input is provided, a summary screen is displayed so that you can review your input. The database administrators should stop using the SAP HANA cockpit temporarily because the database and its components will be restarted during the update. The application data, registered resources, created groups, and users and their assignments are kept during the update.


An update of SAP HANA cockpit takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

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