Using Database Explorer


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Start the Database Explorer
  • Manually add a database
  • Illustrate the basic features of Database Explorer

Open the SAP HANA Database Explorer

Some SAP HANA database administration tasks cannot be performed by SAP HANA cockpit. For these administration tasks you might require the use of SQL. In SAP HANA database explorer, you can use the SQL Console to work with SQL.

This connection is automatically added, because all the technical connection data (host, instance number) is already known to the SAP HANA cockpit.

The SAP HANA database explorer provides the ability to:

  • Browse database objects
  • Execute SQL in the SQL Console
  • Execute SQL as a background task or against multiple databases
  • Access a library of diagnostic SQL statements
  • Import and export catalog objects and data
  • Debug, analyze, and test SQLScript
  • Configure and examine trace files
  • Create and query remote sources

Add a Database

Initially, the database explorer only shows you the database from which you started database explorer, that would be your own tenant or the SystemDB. However, you can add other databases to the view by choosing the plus sign (+). In the Add Database screen, choose the database you want to add, and choose OK. You can choose to add a database that is already assigned to your SAP HANA cockpit user account. This will be automatically added, because all the technical connection data (host, instance number) is already known from the SAP HANA cockpit.

You can also choose from the Database Type dropdown list to add an SAP HANA database (multitenant) or a single tenant. After you choose an SAP HANA multitenant database or single tenant option, you can freely specify all the SAP HANA connection data: host, instance number, tenant or SystemDB, user credentials, and if you want to use encryption.

Using the Basic Features

You can change the name that is displayed for your database in the catalog browser tree. Right-click your database and choose Properties, then edit the Name to Show in Display field.

When adding an SAP HANA cockpit database to the database explorer, you can choose to enter a user and password that is different than that provided in the SAP HANA cockpit for that database.

Moreover, once you've added a database to the database explorer, you can go back later and re-add it with different user credentials by right-clicking the database and choosing Add Database with Different User in the context menu.

Right-click a database in your catalog browser and choose Show Overview in the context menu, to view general information about your database such as information about disk usage, used memory, resident memory, CPU usage, system usage type, the most recently started service, and the version.

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