Describing the Benefits of Project Teams


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  • Explain how Project Teams are helpful

How are Project Teams Helpful?

Project Teams are useful in SAP Ariba Sourcing projects in the following ways:

Task Assignment and Collaboration

The team inherits the project groups listed within the template and may be assigned as task owners, or will help collaborate within specific areas of the project.

Members that belong to the project group, Project Owner, can edit the entire project with some restriction. This project group is also commonly listed as the task Owner, by default, and is responsible for the completion of most project tasks and phases.

Permissions within a Project

Depending on what Roles have been assigned to a Project Group, certain abilities are granted within the project over and above those already granted to them through their specific system group membership.

Examples of Roles you can add to a project group:

  • Project Owner
  • Active Team Member*
  • Observer Team Member*
  • Classified Access
  • Access Participants Messages
  • Team Member with Limited Access
  • Sourcing Content Editor
  • Sourcing Supplier List Editor

*The most commonly used roles are Active Team Member to help add tasks and documents to a project with limitations and Observer Team Member to view information about a project but cannot create tasks or documents.

Project Visibility and Notifications

Automated notifications and e-mails from the project will alert project groups of certain Announcements or task-related notifications to stay in-the-know.

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