Assessing Prepackaged Report Categories


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Assess the categories of prepackaged reports in SAP Ariba Procurement to determine their effectiveness and utility

Prepackaged Report Categories

Prepackaged reports in SAP Ariba are organized into folders to make it easier for users to find the specific reports they need. Each folder contains a set of reports tailored to a specific reporting need.​

​For example, the Approval Reports folder will contain reports related to approval processes, while the Buyer Settlement Reports folder will focus on purchasing trends and details.​

​To access the Prepackaged Reports folders, select Manage from the common actions menus, then choose Prepackaged Reports.

Categories More Generic to SAP Ariba

Many of the prepackaged report categories in SAP Ariba offer a range of reports that are useful across various departments. They provide insights into areas like financial analysis, system usage, and expense management. These reports can be valuable for understanding broader organizational trends and activities.

Categories Specific to Buying and Invoicing (Procurement)

These categories are directly related to the procurement process in SAP Ariba. They help you manage and optimize various aspects of buying and invoicing.

 Report CategoriesReport Description
Approval Reports:Understand your company's approval workflow to identify bottlenecks.
Buyer Settlement Reports:Analyze purchasing trends and details for better procurement decisions.
Purchase Order Reports:rack and manage your purchase orders effectively.
Requisition Reports: Gain insights into your company's requisition activities.
Payment Analysis Reports: Review invoice payment patterns to identify savings opportunities.
Contract Reports:Monitor compliance and performance against purchasing contracts.
Catalog Reports: Keep track of software usage and catalog items, essential for IT and procurement departments.

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