Creating Service Order-Based Invoices


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Generate invoices for service orders and ensure accurate billing.

Service Order-Based Invoices

A service invoice is an invoice created against a service purchase order. It requires an approved Service Entry Sheet (SES) which is created by the supplier with the details of the services rendered. Without the approved SES the invoice cannot be created.​

Typically, suppliers create service invoices in their SAP Business Network accounts and submit those invoices through SAP Business Network, but Accounts Payable users can also create service invoices directly in the SAP Ariba invoicing solution.​

After a service invoice is approved, the SAP Ariba invoicing solution creates an invoice reconciliation (IR) document for the invoice and the invoice reconciliation document moves through the reconciliation process defined for invoices in your site.​

​In the default configuration, you can create a service invoice for one or more service sheets that are in the Processed state. Service invoices include accounting information copied directly from the line items on the originating service sheets. Service invoice lines that do not match service sheet, order, or contract lines use the existing default accounting information configuration for invoices.​

It is possible to create invoices based on multiple service sheets from the same purchase order. Invoicing one or more items from a service sheet is allowed by deleting the items to be excluded from the invoice, but unit prices and quantities cannot be updated. ​

For more information on services invoicing, please review the Invoicing and Payment Process guide.

Creating a Service Order-Based Invoice

Play the video to learn how to create a service order-based invoice in SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing.

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