Evaluating Prepackaged Report Use Cases


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  • Evaluate the use cases for prepackaged reports in SAP Ariba Procurement

Prepackaged Report Use Cases

Prepackaged reports in SAP Ariba are designed with specific use-cases in mind. Knowing how to apply these reports in real-world scenarios is key to maximizing their utility. For instance, using Financial Analysis Reports to negotiate better terms with suppliers, or using Purchase Order Reports to monitor transactional details and overall trends.

Here are a few key reports to consider and ways they can be used to strengthen Procurement processes.

Report NameCategoryDescriptionUtility
Pending Approval ReportApproval ReportsIdentify stuck purchase orders or requisitions.Expedite approvals and improve efficiency.
Pending Approval ReportPayment Analysis ReportsEvaluate invoice payment timeliness.Capture early payment discounts and avoid penalties.
Catalog vs. Non-Catalog Order Items ReportPurchase Order ReportsAssess frequently purchased catalog and non-catalog items.Optimize sourcing to reduce non-catalog costs.
Invoice Summary ReportBuyer Settlement ReportsSummary of all invoices by supplier and status.Ensure timely payments and good supplier relationships.
Requisition Summary ReportRequisition ReportsOverview of all requisitions, status, and suppliers.Track progress and optimize requisition process.
Contract Days LeftContract ReportsRemaining duration of active contracts.Prepare for renewals and maintain supply chain.
Catalog AggregationCatalog ReportsComposition of catalog by suppliers and commodities.Evaluate catalog structure for optimization.

Evaluating Prepackaged Reports in SAP Ariba

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