Discovering SAP Cloud ALM for Operations


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM for operations

Overview of the Operations Process in SAP Cloud ALM and its Main Capabilities

By examining her project tasks that have been derived, among others, from the SAP Activate methodology, Paula knows that it is an important task in the Realize phase to ensure both support operations and that tools are in place to support the go-live and to run the new solution efficiently and effectively.

Together with Scott Look, she therefore meets Alexander again to discuss how SAP Cloud ALM can support Dreams without Limits with this task and to have him explain the process flow SAP Cloud ALM offers

Alexander explains that SAP Cloud ALM for operations helps to ensure business continuity in the customer's SAP landscape through monitoring and alerting. It also increases operations efficiency by automating operational tasks, and it helps predicting critical situations.

Paula wants to know more how this is achieved.

Alexander explains that SAP Cloud ALM for operations will help Dreams without Limits to understand the health of their SAP business solutions, because

  • it provides a monitoring and alerting covering business processes, integration, users, applications, and the health of cloud services and systems​,
  • it acts as collaboration platform between the Lines of Business and the IT department, and
  • it allows to conduct root cause analysis on technical as well as on business process level​.

Then Alexander explains the process flow for operations:

SAP Cloud ALM for Operations – A Process View

  • He first points out that during the Transition to operations, the operations manager needs to define the operations process and to configure and integrate the operations tools.
  • Then, the operations team performs a continuous monitoring of the business processes, the integration, the applications, and the users (Monitor step).
  • In case of an issue, they use the tools provided by SAP Cloud ALM for operations to determine the root cause of the issue (Diagnose step) and to resolve the issue (Correct step).
  • Finally, Alexander points out that another important part during the operation of the business processes is to improve and automate the operation processes as much as possible (Automate step).

After this explanation, Paula is happy that SAP Cloud ALM for operations provides transparency regarding the availability of business services including business downtimes, business events and business Service-Level Agreements (SLA's).

She makes a note that she and Scott need to schedule a meeting with Anna and Peter in which they discuss how to set up the support operations process at Dreams without Limits.

Functional Overview of SAP Cloud ALM for Operations

Scott is curious to learn more about the functions that SAP Cloud ALM for operations offers. He asks Alexander to go a little bit deeper into the details.

See the following video to get Alexander’s answer.

SAP Cloud ALM for Operations – Functional Overview

Alexander recommends that Scott discusses further details with Carl.


The following lessons of this unit describe the use cases Business Process Monitoring, Integration & Exception Monitoring, Real User Monitoring (as part of User & Performance Monitoring), Job & Automation Monitoring and Health Monitoring in more detail.

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