Examining the SAP HANA Traces


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Examine the SAP HANA Traces.

SAP HANA Database Traces Examination

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you'll learn how to navigate the cloud version of the SAP HANA database explorer to be able to examine the database trace files.

Business Case

As a database administrator, you often need to look at the database trace files to diagnose and analyze errors. For this, the SAP HANA Cloud database provides the SAP HANA database explorer.

SAP HANA Cloud Trace Files

The SAP HANA database explorer allows you to diagnose and analyze errors in an SAP HANA database by viewing the relevant diagnostic files. In the database explorer, the diagnostic files for online databases are grouped by host, and then by service.

In the SAP HANA database explorer Overview page, drill down in the Database Diagnostic Files folder until you reach the indexserver folder (1). In the File Browser area, all the files from the indexserver folder are shown.

In the File Browser area, select the indexserver (2) file. The indexserver file will automatically be opened in a text editor tab in the display area. In the text editor, you can search for error or warnings by selecting [CTRL]+F.

Right-clicking on a diagnostic file opens the context menu from which you can open, show files, download, copy the trace file name, or create a shortcut to the trace file.

Creation of a Full System Dump File

Create a Full System Dump File

Manually collecting important information from the SAP HANA trace files for analysis by SAP Support is very time consuming. To make this task easier, it's possible to generate a full system information dump zip file that contains all the trace file information for the selected time frame.

In the SAP HANA cockpit Database overview screen, search for the Manage full system information dumps (1) and select the Manage full system information dumps link on the Alerting and Diagnostics card. The Full System Information Dumps application opens and lets you collects (2) all the important diagnosis information in a ZIP file. You can download (3) this ZIP file to your local PC, and then attach it to an SAP Support Message.

Examine Indexserver Trace

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