Opening SAP HANA Database Explorer


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Open the SAP HANA Database Explorer for SAP HANA Cloud databases.

SAP HANA Database Explorer: Opening and Navigating

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you'll learn how to open and navigate the cloud version of the SAP HANA database explorer.

Business Case

As a database administrator, you often need to directly work with tables, schemata, and so on. For this, the SAP HANA Cloud database provides the SAP HANA database explorer.

SAP HANA Database Explorer

From the SAP BTP cockpit, navigate to your SAP BTP subaccount (1), in the navigation panel select Instances and subscriptions (2), and select the SAP HANA Cloud (3) to open the SAP HANA Cloud Central.

The SAP HANA Cloud Central (1) opens in a new browser tab. This makes it easier to navigate between the SAP HANA Cloud Central and SAP BTP Cockpit.

To open the Actions Menu for the selected cloud database, select the °°° (2) button. From the Actions menu, select the Open in SAP HANA Database Explorer (3) option.

The SAP HANA database explorer Overview page (1) opens in a new tab and displays a navigation panel (2) and a SQL Console (3) window.


In the SAP HANA database explorer, by default, the user DBADMIN is used to connect to the databases.

In the navigation panel (2), you can add (+ button) or remove databases.

In a database, you can drill down in the Catalog, Database Diagnostic Files, and the HDI containers.

The catalog represents the data dictionary. In the catalog you'll find all Adapter, Indexes, Libraries, Procedures, data structures, tables, and Schemas.

SAP HANA HDI container consists of a design-time container and a corresponding runtime container. HDI Containers are used by developers to store and execute their development work.

Database Diagnosis files include log and trace files, as well as a mixture of other diagnosis, error, and information files. In the event of problems with the SAP HANA database, you can check these diagnosis files for errors.

Open SAP HANA Database Explorer

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