Details, Versions, and Analytics


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Details, Versions, and Analytics


Now, let's take a look at the last two tabs in the Process tab, Details and Versions. The Details tab allows you to add additional information to your process and further configure it.

Choose the Details button below to learn more about the features within this tab. Then select each tab, General, Access Control, Fields Overview, and Core Information. Once you select a tab, hover over each option to learn more!


Select the Details tab to begin. Then, select each column on the left-hand side to learn more about the features in this section.


When you use the process editor to edit your process model, the Workflow Accelerator saves all of your changes immediately. You can go back and edit the process again later, and it will not have changed. You can only start a new case for a process that has a published version. After you publish the first version, the list shows version #1 and you can start a new case using that version.


Now let's look at the last tab in the SAP Signavio Process Governance, Analytics.

Whether you work in a team or manage one, you may have questions about your department's work. For example, the allocation of resources may depend on the amount of work completed within a particular month. Moreover, managing teams requires an aggregated overview of the team's work.

The Analytics menu allows you to create and share reports that provide these overviews. Each report runs on-demand and aggregates a process' cases through graphs and visualizations. 

When you want to run a report, choose the Analytics tab. Here, you can label your report, choose which process you want to run, and add any filters to your data. Learn more about running reports. 

  • Title
  • Share
  • Process
  • Filters
  • Group by
  • Case Overview (Table)
  • Configure columns

Select each number to learn more.

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