Model and Characteristics Reports


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Get to know the process model and characteristics reports

Model and Characteristics Report

With the process model and characteristics reports it is possible to generate statistics for your diagrams which contain an overview of elements and attribute values that are found in the selected diagram(s).


After selecting the relevant processes, the processes and their properties are converted into a report with corresponding statistics:


With process model metrics it is possible to generate statistics.

Statistics are helpful in order to keep an overview of your processes. You can:

  • Check if internal defined standards have been considered
  • Measure how important a process is, for example by the number of handovers or subprocesses
  • Check the status of your process diagram
  • Retrieve key indicators and links to open the modeled process in SAP Signavio
  • Use the links to embed process internally (e.g. intranet)
  • Find out how a process is structured
  • See if the process is published and who last edited or saved it

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