Publishing and Collaboration - Working with Feedback


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Publishing & Collaboration - Working with Feedback

Why is Early Collaboration on Processes Important?

Process Management is not a top down approach anymore. Today, multiple people are involved in processes and can contribute valuable feedback - even in the process modeling phase. Missing information can only be detected by humans (semantically correctness).

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How to work with Feedback?

Journey: From process creation to process publishing

Role: Modeler

The modeler creates the process with the known information.

Step 2: Requesting Feedback

Role: Modeler

After the process model is completed, one or more stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the process to ensure that the process is correct and complete.

Requesting Feedback

Step 3: Providing Feedback

Role: Invited Stakeholder

The invited stakeholder has the responsibility to look at the process and provide feedback if process steps or important information is missing from the process.

Providing Feedback

Step 4: Incorporate

Role: Modeler

Now the modeler incorporates the feedback received from the invited stakeholders into the process diagram to enhance it.

Step 5: Publishing Process

Role: Modeler

After the process is fully modeled, the process is published to the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub for the entire organization.

Publishing Process

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Key Takeaways

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