Implementing Extensibility in Scores


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Use the extensibility options to expand score success.

Rule-Based Scores Extensibility

Let’s first look at the extensibility options for rule-based scores in SAP Marketing Cloud.

There are two ways to extend the rule-based scores:

  • One option is to create custom fields.
  • The other option is to assign fields of a custom view to score attributes.

In this course, we’ll explain how to create a custom field for a rule-based score. For more information about custom views, please check the documentationon the Help Portal.

Creating Custom Fields for Scores

This is the process of creating custom fields for scores.

  1. Create a custom field in the Custom Fields app in your quality system.
  2. Enable the field usage for the required UI or report on the UIs and Reports tab.
  3. Publish the new custom field.
  4. Transported it to your production system via the Import Software Collection app.
  5. Use the new field in the Score Builder app.

Creating Custom Predictive Scores

Create custom predictive scenarios to realize use cases for propensity scoring based on your own data source.

The created predictive scenario contains the name of the score, a description, where it will be available in the marketing solution and design the tile for contact profile.

Preferably, data preparation, predictive model building, model training and score calculation is done externally. Internal training of predictive models is not recommended any longer.

External scores can either be based on predictive algorithms in SAP Data Intelligence or on any other data science platform.

The calculated scores can be pushed to SAP Marketing Cloud using the score API.

Additional Resources

Read this blog post to learn about how to use the marketing score API to push externally calculated Score Values to SAP Marketing Cloud.

Please read this blog post to learn about how to use the SAP Business Technology Platform to extend SAP Marketing Cloud with Predictive Scores.

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