Digitalize and Simplify User Interactions With Forms


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Add interactive forms in the process you are building
  • Design the form with layout and input fields using drag-and-drop
  • Know the different forms for triggers, approvals, and notifications

Add Interactive Forms in the Process You are Building


You have probably experienced that many tasks in your working world, such as reviews, approvals, and validations are still assigned to employees via papers or emails. These tasks are a vital part of any business process, but they are inefficient and slow.

Forms are a popular way to streamline these activities. Once you have created a form, you can use it to trigger a process to start or to add an approval step in the process.

Design the Form With Layout and Input Fields Using Drag-and-Drop

Therefore, now you will learn to create three interactive forms with the SAP Build Process Automation Form Builder, which is embedded in the Process Builder.

These forms will:

  • Start the approval process.
  • Send a task to the My Inbox application of the business process approver.
  • Notify the requestor when the form is approved or rejected.

The forms can be simply created in the Form Builder by dragging and dropping the text elements and input fields onto the canvas. Forms have one layout, one access point, with traceable actions, and are designed to involve the right kinds of stakeholders at the right time.

Create a Form to Trigger the Business Process

Now you will create and design the first Form, which will initiate your business process. Begin by opening your process in the Process Builder.

Creating a form to manage approvals

Now you will create the second Form, which will configure to manage the approval of your business process. Remember to save your work using the Save button at the top-right corner of the screen.

Creating a form for notifications

After the user approves or rejects the approval request via the previous form, the next step is to create a form to manage notifications. These notifications will inform the requestor whether their sales order is approved or rejected, and it will be sent either via email or through the form. Be sure to save when you are done!

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