Explore SAP Build Process Automation and Start Your First Project


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Review the product capabilities of SAP Build Process Automation
  • Explore the SAP Build Process Automation product
  • Getting started with a quick tour
  • Create the process project

Introduction: Reviewing the Product Capabilities of SAP Build Process Automation


SAP Build Process Automation is a simpler and faster way to automate business processes. With its intuitive, no-code interface, you can experience the ease and speed of developing workflow management and robotic process automation (RPA) that includes built-in AI for decision assistance and document processing – without writing any code.

Reviewing the product capabilities:

  • Visual building of workflows to automate tasks and simplify decisions.
  • Leveraging unified workflow management with robotic process automation.
  • Jumpstarting projects using pre-built content packages based on best practice use cases.
  • Seamlessly integrating with other applications.
  • Developing confidently without creating the risks of Shadow IT.

SAP Build Process Automation Key Capabilities

SAP Build Process Automation runs on SAP Business Technology Platform, so citizen developers can operate confidently with a trusted, enterprise-grade multi-cloud platform taking care of security, authorization, governance, and monitoring.

Furthermore, there’s an integration between SAP Signavio and SAP Build Process Automation that enables over 135 tailored process improvement recommendations to be automatically triggered and executed for continuous process monitoring optimization.

Finally, SAP Build Process Automation users can now automate Google Workspace applications in their processes, i.e., extract and change data from Google Sheets, retrieve dates from Google Calendar and automatically upload files to Google Drive.

Explore the SAP Build Process Automation Product

To follow along, open your account for SAP Build Process Automation and enter the Lobby. From there, you can create, manage, and deploy business processes and action projects that encapsulate APIs as actions in your business scenarios.

If you don’t yet have an account, follow the instructions in the pre-requisites section of this course.

Get Started With a Quick Tour

To get started with a quick tour:

  • Use the project lists view of SAP Build Process Automation in the Lobby to review existing or create new projects. Refresh, reorder, filter by type or collaborators, and complete actions such as releasing, publishing, and sharing.
  • From there, you can open any project and work with the capabilities, including the:
    • Store: with pre-built process automation content.
    • Monitoring: where you can look after automations and events.
    • Settings: where you can check the details of deployed projects and configure agents.
    • My Inbox: the place for you to process tasks from desktop or mobile device.

Create the Process Project

Business Scenario

Now that you are familiar with the product, it’s time to start building your first SAP Build Process Automation by setting up the project in the tool. Once you finish this first step, you’ll be ready to start working with Forms, Conditions, Decisions, and more. But before we dive into the hands-on exercise, let’s make sure you have access to the toolset you need.


  1. Create the new Business Process Project and name it "Sales Orders Management", then open a tab where you can work with the Process Builder and create your first artifact for order processing.

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