Exploring SAP Build Apps


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Empower everyone to build enterprise applications visually
  • Develop logic flows and editing formulas with ease
  • Connecting systems with pre-built components, connectors and integrations
  • Scale innovation by fostering collaboration between fusion teams
  • Rely on SAP BTP - a world-class cloud foundation for technical operations
  • Compare SAP Build Apps versus SAP AppGyver Community Edition
  • Cover the needs of the developer continuum

Introduction: Exploring SAP Build Apps

SAP Build Apps (formerly SAP AppGyver) is a visual development solution to create beautiful enterprise apps without writing code:

  • You can build and customize enterprise applications visually.
  • Connect to SAP and non-SAP solutions.
  • Foster collaboration between fusion teams.

Empowering everyone to build enterprise applications visually

Using SAP Build Apps, you can create an intuitive UI for your application with pixel-perfect design simply by using pre-built drag-and-drop components. And, despite the fact that they are pre-built, you can add custom functionality to those components depending on your requirements. You can combine the basic components to create a new, more sophisticated component. Building blocks for building blocks, if you will:

  • Design beautiful user interfaces without coding.
  • Create data models and business logic visually.
  • Learn quickly with in-product guided help and learning modules.

Developing Logic Flows and Editing Formulas With Ease

Flows, logic, and algorithms are other important capabilities of SAP Build Apps. Logic guides the flow of how an app behaves when a user interacts with it, and algorithms run the math that powers it.

The logic canvas allows you to create logic flows in your app. like reacting to user interactions or other events. For example, you might want press a button to open a new page or open your camera and take a photo.

SAP Build Apps has a Formula Editor that is one of the most powerful algorithm editors you will find. But don’t worry – even though the word algorithm makes it sound complicated, that has been simplified for you to use. SAP Build Apps has combined "spreadsheet type" formulas with built-in support for a full application context, which can help you create a complex algorithm in a simple way.

You can combine hundreds of data transformation functions with relevant data such as the GPS location, sensor values, data properties and so on.

Connecting Systems With pre-Built Components, Connectors and Integrations

SAP Build Apps was purpose-built around integrations and data transformations. We made it simple to add your own integrations using Rest APIs and Odata sources.

Furthermore, SAP Build Apps' Visual Cloud Functions is a simplified Cloud Application programming model that includes custom business logic, API integrations, and reacting to events from SAP and other systems without writing code.

SAP Build Apps also offers direct integration with SAP systems, making it easier to connect your application with other SAP solution offerings. SAP Build Apps has a Component Marketplace with more than 500 pre-built drag and drop components, out-of-the-box UI templates, functions and modules for data or business logic, which you can quickly install and use with or without customization. Compose enterprise-grade custom apps with drag-and-drop ease:

  • Integrate with applications, processes and data across diverse systems.
  • Integrate modern APIs in minutes with the REST integration wizard.
  • Secure access to SAP and 3rd party data using SAP BTP Authentication for login and access control.
  • SAP Build Apps is embedded directly into SAP Service Cloud, allowing all users to build customer user interfaces that seamlessly extend SAP Service Cloud capabilities.

Scaling Innovation by Fostering Collaboration Between Fusion Teams

Another convenient capability of SAP Build Apps is that it offers multi-platform support producing highly optimized React Native apps, with access to all native device capabilities. To put it simply, that means you can easily publish the apps you build across all platforms like web and mobile easily, without any extra effort.

SAP Build Apps also offers custom deployment pipelines, where you can manage different released versions of your application on all platforms.

Invite team members of different skills to join a common project development environment:

  • Safeguard operations with centralized lifecycle management, monitoring, and governance.
  • Easily compose and publish reusable components to organization-specific libraries.
  • Share content and artifacts with team members and across projects.

Relying on a World-Class Cloud Foundation for Technical Operations

SAP Build Apps is deployed in a cloud environment managed by SAP Business Technology Platform. As easy as it is to build application using visual programming, there are also some concerns around the security of the applications created using low code no code technology. SAP Build Apps benefits from the governance and security capabilities provided by SAP Business Technology Platform, allowing you to innovate at speed and scale without compromise.

SAP Business Technology Platform comes with a broad set of Platform Services.

Comparing SAP Build Apps Versus SAP AppGyver Community Edition

If you're not completely new to SAP's low-code / no-code toolset, you might be asking yourself, wait - what is this SAP Build Apps? How is that different from SAP AppGyver?

SAP Build Apps is based on SAP AppGyver, and is available through SAP Business Technology Platform with additional capabilities for the enterprise, such as integrations with SAP systems, collaboration for fusion teams and a rich pipeline of new enterprise features that are on the way.

SAP AppGyver Community Edition remains available through AppGyver.com, and it will still continue to serve it's 300,000 creators with the free service and a more limited feature set.

In this learning journey, you will get experience with both versions of the product.

Covering the Needs of the Developer Continuum

SAP Build Apps accelerates the pace of creating stand-alone SAP apps as well as SAP extensions, and it does not take long to learn to use it.

Citizen Developers can create purpose-built applications for their daily work without having to worry about managing the software lifecycle and programming languages. Professional developers can accelerate innovation by boosting their productivity and reducing the effort required to create software solutions.

It offers a full continuum of capabilities for application development where citizen developers and professional developers alike can build enterprise-ready software, with or without writing code.

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