Finalizing and Reviewing the Extension


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Check the final result of the extension UI and functionality on SAP Build Apps Preview
  • Review the procedure for troubleshooting

Introduction: Finalizing the Extension


Using SAP Build Apps Preview, we can view the application and verify we are getting the data from the API as we should. Go ahead, check Preview – how does it look?

Looks good?

Congrats on building your first SAP Extension!

Not Working?

Review the troubleshooting info below.


As you will have realized, building applications required an eye for detail. If you’re not seeing the data in your UI, then check for errors. Go through the process again, step by step, to confirm they were done correctly. Create interaction showing how to do the troubleshooting checks:

Create interaction showing how to do the troubleshooting checks:

  • First check that you are running the latest available version of the SAP AppGyver Preview app that’s available.
  • Then test the API URL in the browser to verify that your system can connect to the API.
  • Then verify that you have the correct API URL specified in SAP AppGyver.
  • Check that when you are importing services, you are importing the AppointmentsCollection service.
  • Next check your component bindings.

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