Finding more ways to learn the SAP Build toolset


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate the learning and community channels
  • Find and Follow Low-Code / No-Code Learning and SAP Build Content on Various Sources

Differentiating the Learning and Community Channels

Bookmark this page, so that you can return to the detailed resource list below as it is refreshed over time. It contains some of the most important learning assets and resources for all skill levels, from business user to advancing citizen developer to code-first developer professional.

Differentiating the learning and community channels

The main channels for your ongoing learning of SAP Build's low-code / no-code toolset include SAP Learning, SAP Discovery Center, SAP Community and SAP Help Portal. SAP Build also has active YouTube and LinkedIn channels.

For overall low-code / no-code technology articles, discussions, tips and support, learners can use the general SAP Build pages, groups and tags targeted to all developers, regardless of skill level.

Product-specific learning and support pages, groups and tags are also available for SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Work Zone.

Finding More Ways to Learn the SAP Build Toolset

In this topic, you will learn about the available channels to find information about low-code / no-code learning and SAP Build content:

  • SAP Learning
  • SAP Discovery Center
  • SAP Community
  • SAP Help Portal
  • SAP Build YouTube
  • SAP Build LinkedIn

Getting started with low-code / no-code on SAP Learning is the new "one-destination" for all SAP-related learning and it’s the place for new low-code / no-code learners and discovering the latest product learning experiences.

Learning resources pages:

Learning group for SAP BTP:

SAP BTP Learning - SAP Community Groups

Learning journeys:

Utilize SAP Build Low-Code/No-Code Applications and Automations for Citizen Developers | SAP Learning

Leveraging SAP Discovery Center for LCNC use case implementation is the place for fusion teams and organizations to find services and build use case missions together while learning how to adopt SAP Build and turn data into business value.Home – SAP Discovery Center (

Implement your use cases via missions, with step-by-step guidance and a well-established support from topic experts and SAP Community:

Integrate and extend your solutions, optimize your business processes, and create an engaging digital experience using SAP Business Technology Platform services

Seeking answers in SAP Community and SAP Help Portal is where learners can post questions and learn from peers, review interesting blog articles that highlight practical experiences with low-code / no-code, and more: is your resource for the direct support information and documentation from SAP, with pages for each of the SAP Build products:

Experiencing SAP Build on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to stay updated on SAP Build tips straight from the product management team as well as to learn about new use cases.

Subscribe to the SAP Build channels on YouTube and review the playlists:

Connecting with SAP Build on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the primary external social channel where we communicate important announcements, events, articles and learning opportunities about SAP Build products.

Follow the product pages and join our groups to benefit from the discussions:

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