Getting certified as a Citizen Developer for SAP Build


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Review the rationale for getting certified
  • Hear from peers who got the SAP citizen developer certification
  • Register to take the SAP citizen developer certification exam

Review the Rationale for Getting Certified

Congratulations, you've finished your low-code / no-code learning journey. So how can you demonstrate your success to your employer and your peers?

With SAP's skill recognition program, everyone can validate their skills from foundational to intermediate and advanced levels and become a trusted SAP expert.

You can take the low-code / no-code learning journey for citizen developers at your own pace and style and then obtain an SAP Certification to stand out.

This SAP Certification is proof of low-code / no-code knowledge and SAP Build product expertise. It is fully based is based on the SAP Learning Journey, "Utilize SAP Build for low-code /no-code automations and applications for citizen developers", which ends with your passing the certification exam.

What are you waiting for? You've completed the learning portion of your journey, and now it's time - get certified, earn a digital badge, and benefit from the value of SAP Certification!

Hearing From a Certified SAP Builder

Meet Pawan Kumar, who recently completed this learning journey and learned about low-code/no-code. Read about how he started on this path to become an SAP-certified citizen developer: How to get Certified in Low-code | SAP Community Expert Interview with Pawan Kumar | SAP Blogs

Registering for the Citizen Developer Certification Exam

The "SAP Certified Citizen Developer Associate - Low-code/No-code Applications and Automations" certification exam validates that the candidate possesses the fundamental and core knowledge required of the low-code/no-code Application and Automations profile, and can build straightforward applications and automations as a member of a project team in a mentored role.

The exam is in English, it has 80 questions and takes up to three hours to complete.

Discover more detailed information along with signup details on the website:

SAP Certified Citizen Developer Associate - Low-code/No-code Applications and Automations

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