Getting Visibility Into Your Processes


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Prepare the process to be consumed
  • Create the visibility scenario
  • Release and deploy the project
  • Configure the schedule
  • Run the process and view insights

Introduction: Prepare the Process for Getting Visibility


Congratulations! The formerly paper-based, error-prone, manual sales order management approval process has been automated and even improved. You have created your first process, defined several forms, included an automation to extract data, used a condition to control the flow and even improved the process with some decision logic.

Now it’s time to measure success and improvements. You can find out what's going on with your process using the visibility capabilities of SAP Build Process Automation.

Prepare the Process for Getting Visibility

Preparing the Process to be Consumed

In order for us to get visibility into how the process is running, we must prepare it to be consumed by the visibility scenario that you will build. Make sure you are working with the editable version!

Create the Visibility Scenario

Creating the Visibility Scenario

Now we are ready to create the visibility scenario for the sales order process, and automatically thereafter the related dashboard. You can use it to measure the performance, but to also get deep insights into single instances and even trigger actions.

Release and Deploy the Project

Releasing and Deploying the Project

You've already learned how to do this, so follow the steps you know – release your project while maintaining the version number and deploy it.

Configure the Schedule

Before you can see some results of your measurements, you need to schedule the processing of the events. In fact, you tell the system in which timeframe to check for events created during the process execution and to update your dashboard. We will use an interval of 5 minutes.

Run the Process and View Insights

Now that you've built the visibility scenario, it's time to look at the insights for your process.

Prerequisite: To get insights, follow the steps described here: SAP Help Portal to setup SAP Launchpad service for SAP Process Automation

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