Improving the Process with Decision Logic


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create and configure decision logic in the process
  • Update an existing process

Introduction: Improving the Process with Decision Logic

Definitions and Rules for Improving the Process with Decision Logic

Now you will learn how to create and configure a decision. A decision consists of one or more policies. Each policy consists of a collection of rules. These rules are used to automate the decision-making parts of a business process. After you create a decision (policy), you define your business logic by adding rules to the policy or policies.

Create and Configure Decision Logic in the Process

Create, Configure, and Update a Decision

To add a decision, first identify the set of rules to consider in the decision-making process.

Then define the data types relevant for designing the rules. Data types will contain all the necessary fields that will be needed to model the rule. Example: If a design rule says Sales Order Amount > 100000 then set the Approver Email as, then the data types are Sales Order with Amountfield and Approver withEmailfield.

Make Updates to the Process

Let’s adapt the business process one last time to fully automate your approver selection by matching the recipient of the approval form to the one returned from the decision table. You can modify your selection as needed.

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