Leveraging Pre-Built Content


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Get started with the pre-built content store
  • Accelerate development with pre-built content and components
  • Seamlessly connect and integrate your business data

Introduction: Leveraging Pre-Built Content

Once you get through your initial training and feel ready to use low-code / no-code, the easiest way to get started is to use pre-built content, also known as content packages or learning packages. Sometimes people also call them plug-ins or apps or extensions. To sum it up, these are low-code / no-code automation and application building blocks that have already been created for the most common use cases in an enterprise. They not only make your development time faster but also allow you to learn from the best practices in your industry or line of business.

Getting started with the pre-built content store

When you think you have a process that could be automated, your first stop should be the marketplaces where these extensions are listed. Even better, take some time to browse all the pre-built content packages and integrations that are relevant to your job and line of business to find solutions simply waiting for you to activate them.

From pre-built workflows to pre-built bots, SAP offers a broad range of solutions spanning lines of business. Here is a sampling of what you will find:

  • In finance, there are content packages for supplier invoice checks, automated uploads of bank statement files, management of payment advice, mass asset management, and CAPEX management.
  • In procurement. you will find packages for creating purchase requisitions from excel, managing catalog items, creation of business partners, and physical inventory counts.
  • In human resources, you will find tools for automatic interview scheduling and automatically answering email questions.

Here are a couple of real examples of pre-built content for you to review:

These are just a few highlights while the actual list goes on and on. Whether you’re in supply chain, marketing, sales, services, or engineering, if your company runs SAP, there is likely a pre-built content package for you. If you don’t find what you are looking for, that is why you are becoming a citizen developer. You will be able to build what you need using low-code / no-code tools.

Accelerating development with pre-built content and components

SAP Build is all about easily creating and using composable building blocks to increase developer efficiency:

  • SAP Build Apps: Build mobile and web apps using 500+ templates and pre-built business logic components.
  • SAP Build Process Automation: Jumpstart automation projects with 340+ line-of-business and industry-specific process content packages, RPA bots and connectors.
  • SAP Build Work Zone: Boost time to value with pre- built line-of-business-specific content packages (for example for SAP Success Factors).

Seamlessly connect and integrate your business data

SAP Build solutions seamlessly connect to, and use, data from SAP and non-SAP applications without losing business context and meaning:

  • SAP Build Apps: REST integration wizard for modern APIs, SAP BTP Authentication for login and access control, and native integration with SAP Service Cloud.
  • SAP Build Process Automation: Action projects can encapsulate APIs as simple to use logic and make them available to business users for use in low-code projects.
  • SAP Build Work Zone: Leverage APIs and pre-built UI-integration cards to create a single access point to applications, processes, information, and data on any device.

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