See the Results with SAP Build Process Automation Customers


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Name some of the customers benefitting from SAP Build Process Automation capabilities
  • Explain real-life business benefits of implementing process automation for organizations and employees

Customer Examples


Did you know that 99 out of the 100 largest companies worldwide are SAP customers? From healthcare to telecommunications, customers from various industries benefit from SAP Build Process Automation capabilities.

In this lesson, we will share four examples of customer stories, their use cases, and the business results achieved.

So, you can learn how process automation can be implemented in standard lines of businesses such as Finance, HR, Sales, and Customer Experience.

The following are key processes:

Lead-to-cash -capital expenditure approvals, invoice approvals, and account opening.
Hire-to-retire -relocation, visa permits, HR employee self-services, managing contingent workers.
Design-to-operate -updating master data records, document approval, and lead generation workflows.
Source-to-pay -return order process, incident management, procurement data collection.

Naming twenty SAP Build Process Automation customers

Explaining Real-Life Business Benefits of Implementing Process Automation for Organizations and Employees

Looking at our first story with SAP Build customer: REHAU

Looking at Our First Story With SAP Build Customer: REHAU

According to Chengbo Yu, CIO, Asia Pacific Region, REHAU Polymer China Co. Ltd:

"We used SAP Intelligent RPA to automate use cases that required significant manual intervention and redundant work. This saves us time and cuts down on human error, and our employees are spending more time on innovative work."

Reviewing our next story with SAP Build customer: Taronga

Reviewing our Next Story With SAP Build Customer: Taronga

According to Cameron Kerr, CEO, Taronga Conservation Society Australia:"Our challenge was to improve the daily lives of back-office employees and staff by providing a unified digital experience that will integrate existing systems, streamline our business processes, and automate our cumbersome tasks. Using SAP Build, Taronga has developed a unified application to manage our core business operations of procurement, finance, human resources, etc., which can be accessed via mobile devices."

Assessing our next story with SAP Build customer: Zuellig Pharma

Assessing our Next Story With SAP Build Customer: Zuellig Pharma

According to Daniel Laverik, Head of SAP and IT Solutions, ZuelligPharma Holdings Pte. Ltd.: "Zuellig Pharma uses RPA in the cloud to process orders 24×7 and keep up with demand as a pillar of the healthcare industry. We launched internal people management enablement with source code developed by bots specifically for our COVID-19 crisis response. Today, we can continue processing orders that bring pharmaceuticals to our customers amid the pandemic ."

Looking at our next story with SAP Build customer: Sun Rice

Looking at our Next Story With SAP Build Customer: Sun Rice

According to Rob Walsh, Digital Program Manager, Agribusiness and Operations, Ricegrowers Limited (SunRice): "Our new grower portal gives our community of rice growers more control over their decision-making. The harvest dashboard provides data visualization for harvest moisture, trash, and dry weight, while real-time updates allow them to track their progress."

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