Starting the SAP Build Apps Project and Creating the UI


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create the new SAP Build Apps project
  • Develop the UI for the SAP Extension
  • Customize components in SAP Build Apps

Create a new SAP Build Apps Project

So, let's start building – first, you should open your SAP Build Apps account and then you should go ahead and create a new project. After creating a new project this is our canvas:

Develop the UI for the SAP Extension

The first step to building our application is designing the User Interface (UI). We already covered a lot of foundational knowledge about UI's earlier in this learning journey, so keeping that info in mind, let's jump right into building.

Customize Components in SAP Build Apps

Customizing Components in SAP Build Apps

Using the component template editor, you can extensively customize components to suit your application’s needs. We can both modify them and add different components together to create new ones.

Component Customizing

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