Low-Code/No-Code Automations and Applications

Learn to use low-code/no-code (LCNC) technology with SAP to build apps quickly and automate with speed, regardless of your role.

Why learn Low-Code/No-Code?

Working with SAP Business Technology Platform has typically required experience with coding. However, newly available LCNC tooling from SAP makes developing easier and enables speed and scale with a simplified and streamlined developer experience.  

Don’t know how to code? Don’t worry. Non-technical business users can also join the software-building fun. LCNC applications and automations are created with an intuitive graphical interface – a visual drag-and-drop builder. If you’re a business process expert, you can become a “citizen developer” or “citizen automator” and create software with SAP.  

What can you learn with low-code/no-code?

Meet Pawan Kumar, who recently completed this learning journey and learned about low-code/no-code. See how he started on this path to become an SAP-certified citizen developer!

Who uses Low-Code/No-Code?

Citizen Developers

Are you a business process expert who wants to digitize and automate more of your daily work? Then you might be a citizen developer. Learn more about what this role can mean for you as a non-technical businessperson and how you can approach your learning journey about building software without writing code.

Professional Developers

Developers can rely on SAP Business Application Studio to use a proven best-practice framework of languages, libraries, and tools along with LCNC to build responsive, modern solutions, and enhance applications. Follow the link for more information on SAP solutions for professional development efficiency.