How to check your SAP Certification stay current status

To keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, SAP software users must continue to develop their skills and stay current with SAP Certifications. SAP Learning Hub provides everything you need to maintain your SAP skill set, including access to social learning, subject matter experts, a community of practitioners, and up-to-date content published in line with SAP innovations. Find out how you can check your stay current status.

If you plan to get certified please review the exam description page to find out if you will be asked to keep your certification valid via staying certified. It is indicated with a purple "STAY CURRENT" icon on the top of the corresponding exam description page.

Want to know your stay current status?

  1. Please check whether you received your badge on Credly. If your badge is still valid, that means you are current.
  2. Please check if your assessment is shown as completed on SAP Learning Hub under the "Learning History" tile. If an assessment is not shown there, the completion was not recorded.

Finished an assessment but your badge has expired?

  1. Please check whether you skipped an assessment to stay current after you passed the SAP Certification exam. If you did, your SAP Certification is no longer valid, and your digital badge will be expired. You can check your completed deltas in the "Learning History" tile on the SAP Learning Hub. In that case you will need to get re-certified via the SAP Certification Hub.
  2. If you did complete the required delta assessment within the respective time period, please check if your email address for taking the assessment to stay current is different than the email address where your SAP Certification is stored (your PT number). In such case, you need to transfer the core certification from your previous user to your new user under which you take the assessment. Information on how to get your certificates transferred can be found here.

If your digital badge is expired, even though you have finished all assessments to stay current and your email address with your SAP Certification is the same as the email address you are using to complete the assessment to stay current and on Credly, please create a ticket in the User Support Center under the category “Digital Badge".

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