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SAP Build Work Zone - Implementation

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Unit 1

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Exploring the Information Architecture

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1 hr 18 mins

After completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • Identify the core capabilities of SAP Build Work Zone that enhance user productivity and streamline business processes
  • Describe how the Site Menu acts as the primary interface for user navigation and its role in accessing applications, workspaces, and resources
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of Workpages and Workspaces in creating a personalized and collaborative digital workspace.
  • Explain the process of integrating and managing applications within SAP Build Work Zone to support diverse business needs.
  • Configure and customize the Site Menu to create a seamless, role-specific, and intuitive user experience.
  • Add, organize, and manage menu items, tailoring the navigation to meet the needs of different user groups.
  • Leverage sections available via the menu, such as knowledge base and recommendations, to enhance user engagement.
  • Create, customize, and manage Workpages to provide users with interactive pages tailored to their needs.
  • Utilize Workpages to host a variety of content, including applications, widgets, and UI cards, enhancing the digital workspace's effectiveness.
  • Create and manage workspaces, including setting up workspace templates and managing access permissions.
  • Integrate content and applications into workspaces to facilitate collaboration and productivity among team members
  • Explain the two main approaches to integrating applications into SAP Build Work Zone: Manual Integration and Content Federation via Content Providers
  • Integrate, manage, and deploy applications within SAP Build Work Zone, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of workspaces and workpages
  • Configure user settings from the SAP Build Work Zone header bar, including theme or display settings and language and formatting preferences.
  • Utilize features available in the header bar, such as notifications and search functionality, to enhance the user experience

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