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Check out this new learning platform, test the pilot learning journey for SAP Extension Suite, and stay tuned for more to come. 

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SAP's learning offerings

This site is still in beta version, we have a lot more content, features, and functions coming soon. Other learning offerings you can leverage are:


Check out our free platform for expert-led massive online open courses (MOOCs) for key innovation topics on openSAP.

SAP Community

Join the conversation in our SAP Community, connect with peers and experts and improve your skills.

SAP Developer Center

Access a variety of tutorials, trials, downloads, and technical production information curated exclusively for developers in our SAP Developer Center.

SAP Training Shop

Visit our SAP Training Shop and read more about certification, our various SAP Learning Hub subscriptions, and browse through our training catalog of over 1000+ instructor-led training offerings for sale.

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What is next for SAP Learning?

We are on a mission to deliver a new learning experience, where you love that learning with us is efficient, engaging, and relevant to your career.  Tell us what you think, so we can tailor the experience for you. 

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