SAP Certification

SAP Certifications for developers are proof of programming knowledge and product expertise. Each certification is based on an SAP Learning Journey, which ends with a certification exam. Get certified and benefit from the value of SAP Certification.

  • Expand your skills
  • Increase your earnings
  • Improve your job satisfaction

Validate your SAP expertise

SAP Certifications are an important asset in your career. Not only do they validate your skills and competencies around SAP software, SAP Certifications offer other tangible benefits, like improved earnings potential and greater job satisfaction. SAP Certifications are highly valued credentials that set you apart in a crowded market. Pass the certification exam and you'll receive a digital badge that you can use to verify your knowledge.

Choose an SAP Certification and follow the related free learning journey to prepare for your certification exam.

Show what you know at every skill level

We’ve expanded our skill recognition program so everyone can validate their skills from foundational to intermediate and advanced levels of solution expertise. The program now includes entry-level know-how with a foundational level Record of Achievement.

Learn for free and develop in-demand skills

Follow a free learning journey tailored to the related SAP Certification exam and become a trusted SAP solution expert

Certification Hub

Purchase SAP Certification attempts

When you're ready to take the exam, you'll need to purchase a subscription to the Certification Hub. The subscription is valid for 12 months and covers all the available exams in the Certification Hub.

SAP Certification online exam, one attempt

Buy an online subscription, with one exam attempt within 12 months.

SAP Certification online exam, six attempts

Buy an online subscription, with six exam attempts within 12 months.

Find the right SAP Certification for you

Looking for a different certification? Browse more than 150 SAP Certifications in up to 9 languages from associate to professional level and become a certified expert in the SAP solution of your choice.

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