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What’s changing?

SAP is changing its certification program to ensure you have what you need and when you need it in the modern workplace. Continuous learning and keeping your skills always up to date is a priority. The new SAP Certification program makes it easier and faster for you to gain and maintain the latest skills and valid credentials on the key SAP technologies and solutions for your job.

What’s new and when?

The new certification program to get and stay certified will be available in April 2024. Certified individuals then need to continuously keep their skills up-to-date and certifications valid with evolving products by completing mandatory assessments before their certification expires. With an SAP Learning Hub subscription, you can prepare for and take the stay certified assessments at any time during the validity period of your certification.

  • The initial certification validity end date is March 31, 2025.
  • The standard validity of your certification is 12 months.
    Every time you complete an assessment, the validity period extends by 12 months.
  • You will receive personalized communication by email to ensure that you don’t miss your certification expiry date.

How to get ready to stay certified?

Check the status of your certification:
Check the My Learning personal dashboard to understand the status of your certifications and explore recommended pathways forward. Make sure you have a valid SAP Universal ID, with two email addresses assigned. Then add your existing S-user(s) and/or P-user(s) to your SAP Universal ID.

If your SAP Certification remains valid beyond March 31, 2024:
Complete the stay certified assessment before your current certification expires on March 31, 2025. Once you pass, certification validity will be extended 12 months from the assessment completion date.

If your SAP Certification is retired and SAP recommends an alternative certification:
If your certification has already been retired or is planned to retire by the end of March 2024, your certification status will expire by March 31, 2025. Take an alternative certification exam before your existing certificate expires to maintain your certified status.

If your SAP Certification will expire without a recommended alternative:
Explore the SAP Certification portfolio to continue developing the right skills for your role. Find learning solutions to validate your SAP knowledge, stay relevant, and ensure your certification remain current beyond March 31, 2025.

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