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Design Thinking

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Unit 1

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Updating Knowledge in Design Thinking 2024

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10 Lessons

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47 mins

After completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • Refresh the basics of Design Thinking, its principles, philosophy, and stages
  • Explain the role of a facilitator in a Design Thinking workshop, their responsibilities, and the key attributes they need to possess
  • Analyze the Empathize Phase in the Design Thinking process, especially its purpose, techniques, and how it contributes to the problem-solving approach
  • Analyze the concept and importance of quick and dirty (low fidelity) prototyping, and how it fits within the Design Thinking approach
  • Examine the importance of diversity and inclusiveness in the ideation phase of a Design Thinking workshop, discussing techniques to encourage full participation
  • Focus on the importance of documentation and report creation during and after a Design Thinking workshop
  • Provide insights into the importance of Ideation in a Design Thinking workshop, the process of brainstorming, and techniques for fostering a productive Ideation session
  • Explore the role of critique and evaluation in the Design Thinking process, with a focus on how and when to introduce these elements without curbing creativity and free-flowing dialogues.
  • Provide strategies and techniques to deal with negativity and criticism during the Design Thinking workshop, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive, supportive, and respectful environment for idea sharing.
  • Explain planning of implementation, incorporating feedback from user testing, and ensuring the feasibility of ideas selected for implementation, all leading to a successful Design Thinking session

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