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This course offers hands-on exercises, so you can gain practical experience with developing and extending SAP Fiori apps.
You can access all exercises on
Using the exercise environments is free of charge for course participants.

Week 1:
For these exercises, you're using a free trial account for the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), as the ABAP environment we will use is running in SAP BTP. In order to develop for the ABAP environment on SAP BTP you need to install ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse.

The necessary steps are explained in the “Hands-on exercise for week 1 unit 4: Preparing your ABAP development environment.”

In case you need support related to the hands-on exercises, please use the SAP Community.
For Weeks 1-3, please use the SAP Fiori Elements | SAP Community.
For Week 4, please use the UI5 | SAP Community.

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