Unsupervised Learning

Activities while watching the video:

Play the "Gold Rush" game from the video: https://www.stefanseegerer.de/snaip-goldrush/

You have three excavation teams, which are visualized by cowboys. Your task is to find the ideal excavation site for each of those teams. An excavation site is ideal if it is as close to as many gold sources as possible.

For this purpose, reports about gold findings with x and y coordinates are available for you. These coordinates are displayed randomly one after the other. Think about how you can process one gold finding and how you could move one of your three cowboys. After you moved your cowboy, the next gold report will appear until all of them are processed.

To mimic the behavior of a computer as much as possible, you should not try to remember where the gold finds were, but decide anew for each presented report.

Did you manage to find the gold clusters?

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