System Information

This course contains an exercise. The total duration for performing the exercise is estimated with 120 minutes which is part of the overall calculated course duration.

Please find below detailed information about system access:

System access is offered as an optional part of the course. It is not essential to work in the system to complete the course successfully.

To complete the exercises and reconstruct the integration scenarios shown in the course, you need an environment running SAP Business One and the integration framework for SAP Business One, release 9.2 PL07 and above.

To get a test system for this course, sign up for a test system in the cloud. There will be a charge for using this test system.

Using SAP CAL System

Using your own system landscape

If you are using your own system and not the provided SAP CAL system please download and install the following software tools:

More information about installation of Cyberduck and embed Notepad ++ as the XML editor, please refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Important note for the use of AWS (Amazon Web Services):

For the purpose of this course, we will deploy an SAP appliance onto an Amazon Web Service account, which will incur a charge. AWS will bill your account on an hourly basis! Please do not forget to terminate your session in AWS when you have completed all available exercises. Please read carefully the information about Suspending a Solution Instance, Terminating a Solution Instance and about AWS costs.

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