Hire new talent

The digital skills initiative is working to make newly trained and certified job candidates available to you. We train them and you hire them; free of charge.

Who are the candidates?

The digital skills initiative is seeking people considered to be underrepresented in the tech industry and give them a chance to become new talent in the SAP ecosystem. These people include military veterans, first generation university students, women, career switchers and more.

What do the candidates train in?

Self-study candidates are free to study any SAP-related topic they like. However, we also run selected candidates through intense virtual or on-site training bootcamps where a certified instructor coaches them toward certification in SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementation or other in-demand subjects. These bootcamp candidates are sourced from trusted NGOs or Universities and undergo cognitive testing.

Why should we consider these candidates?

The SAP ecosystem is seeking an approach to hiring new candidates that focuses on fresh talent and newly trained, enthusiasts who will offer a new perspective and innovative ideas to this landscape. Candidates trained by the digital skills initiative are bringing a cloud-first mentality and fresh SAP Certification knowledge to the table.

These candidates’ diverse backgrounds can also provide unique perspectives toward problem solving and learning. Giving these candidates a chance at professional development can foster a sense of loyalty within them toward your organization.

Excited smiling businessman handshaking white partner at meeting.

How do we get started?

Your organization can get involved at any start of the candidate lifecycle:

  • Nominating specific candidates to attend one of our bootcamps
  • “Adopting” a bootcamp cohort and presenting to them your organization’s work culture and how it uses SAP technology
  • Hosting live stream events to share impressions of your organization with newcomers to SAP
  • Recruiting the candidates who have completed the bootcamp.