The digital skills initiative for job switchers

The digital skills initiative by SAP is here to help people transitioning out of their current careers by getting them up to speed with valuable SAP skills.

What are the benefits?

Study and achieve an official SAP Certification completely for free.

Study is completely self paced via our SAP Learning site and you tell us when you are done. Once you’ve completed a learning journey, we send you your SAP Certification exam attempt.

Once certified, you can combine your previous life and professional experience with SAP’s top credential proving your competence; creating a one-of-a-kind CV on the job market.

What are the benefits of the initiative?

Business administrators, sales, managers, consultants

Already versed in business acumen and some business processes? You are ready to apply your previous knowledge to software designed to make businesses run more efficiently.

Start the "Implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition learning journey."

Business Administrators / Sales / Managers / Consultants

Tradespeople, drivers, and service workers

Problem solving masters in the real world. You are no stranger to hard work, time pressure and the need to prioritize tasks. It is time to apply this experience to the digital world.

Take on the new challenge of a digital upskilling.

Below is a two-step approach to initially understand what SAP does to create an Intelligent Enterprise, then you can study for your certification with the "Explore Integrated Business Processes in SAP S/4HANA learning journey."

Tradespeople, Drivers and Service Workers

Engineers, medical, and law professionals

Analysis of complex concepts, matrices, systems and problems is second nature to your profession. Start applying these skills to business analytics using SAP’s premier enterprise analytics tools.

Begin studying SAP Analytics Cloud Functionality for Enterprise Planning today.

Engineers, Medical and Law Professionals

Human resources specialists

An almost seamless transition; every organization needs people power and the ability to meet the needs of those people. Continue bringing personnel to their greatest potential by implementing SAP’s premier human capital management solution: SAP SuccessFactors.

Certify in Configuring SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Core.

For HR and Personnel Administrators

Reach out to us as a prospective candidate

Combine the structure, self-discipline and perseverance instilled in you over the course of your service with SAP skills. Introduce yourself as a potential candidate for the digital skills initiative in our beginner corner. Read the blog, reach out to us and we will get back to you with a registration link.
Business people shaking hands outside of office building