How to stay certified with SAP Certification

1. Find your Certification

Go to the "Certification" section on the My Learning page.

Attention: you must have a valid SAP Universal ID setup and have at minimum 2 email accounts assigned. (See “How to assign a second email account to your SAP Universal ID”) With a click on “Certification” you will find your passed certification(s) and the following information:


“Valid”: In this case your certification expiry date is not close yet and there is no immediate action for you. 

“Stay certified due”: In this case your certification validity is soon to expire and to extend the validity for another 12 months you must pass the mandatory assessment. 

“Expired”: In this case you missed the assessment due date, and your certification is no longer valid. As a recommended next step, you can get recertified by passing an exam of the current release of your certification.   

Date earned

The date you passed the exam. 

Latest exam taken

In case you tried this exam several times or passed it several times you find the latest one listed here. 

Stay certified due

This is the date until your certification is valid. You must take the mandatory assessment before this date to extend the validity for another 12 months. 

Prepare for stay certified assessment

The assessment is a short not proctored quiz with unlimited trials. But to prepare, you will find dedicated course materials and/or live sessions linked here. 

Take assessment

Here you find the assessment linked that will extend the validity of your certification when passing before the stay certified due date.