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Maintenance Task List

In your company, all the inspection and maintenance tasks that must be performed at regular intervals are defined in maintenance task lists. For this reason, you need to understand maintenance task lists.

Maintenance task lists describe a series of individual maintenance activities. You can use the task lists to standardize recurring activities, plan them more effectively, and save time when you create maintenance orders and maintenance plans.

Task lists can be object-dependent (such as equipment plans and plans for a functional location) and refer to only one technical object.

Object-independent task lists (such as general maintenance task lists) can be used for multiple objects of the same type. Maintenance task lists can be used for routine and planned maintenance tasks.

Task lists also specify the spare parts and tools that are required for operations, and the time needed to perform the work.

If you have created maintenance task lists, you can create maintenance orders and maintenance plans with minimal effort by referencing the operations and processes that were created in the maintenance task list.

For example, if you create a maintenance order for a task for which all the individual operations are already described in a maintenance task list, you only need to specify this task list and the required dates in the maintenance order. You do not need to enter the individual operations, because they are copied from the maintenance task list.

Maintenance Task List Structure

The following video provides an information about the maintenance task list.

Hierarchical Task List

Maintaining complex technical objects includes numerous measures and operations that are hierarchically structured. In the standard SAP system, task lists represent only one level. That is, a task list only contains operations.

Hierarchical task lists can refer to other task lists, which then creates a task list hierarchy. The structure of the work to be carried out is mapped by the task list hierarchy.

Maintenance tasks involve operations that are carried out in recurring cycles. Therefore, standard structures can be defined as templates (such as maintenance plans and task lists). Standard projects and standard networks can be used to derive operative projects. Plant maintenance (PM) or customer service (CS) orders can be derived from maintenance plans and task lists.

The PM or project system (PS) reference element can be used to assign a task list to an order and a network activity. This requires the previous assignment of PM/ PS reference elements to task lists and networks.

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