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Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners

SAP S/4HANA offers an Add-On for resource scheduling: SAP S/4HANA Asset Management for Resource Scheduling (RSH).

The central idea of SAP S/4HANA Asset Management for Resource Scheduling (RSH) is to efficiently process your maintenance orders using schedules.

Via schedules, you can first simulate various scheduling variants for a given number of orders. As the responsible planner, you discuss the different variants with a reviewer.

You can then choose the schedule that best fits your needs and freeze it. In the execution phase, you can then track the individual orders and their operations and monitor schedule attainment.

Work Center Utilization

In the Work Center Utilization app, you can analyze the capacity situation for your work centers. Using the utilization chart, you can show utilization based on various attributes.

To level work center utilization, you can change the work center for order operations and sub-operations. In addition, you can change the start date and time for order operations.

How to Check Work Center Utilization Using Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners

Steps in Resource Scheduling

The following figure shows the different steps in the process of Resource Scheduling:

Managing Schedules

A schedule is a defined time frame with a start date and an end date in which you want to process a certain number of maintenance orders. Within this time frame, orders can be scheduled manually or automatically.

The goal of a schedule is not only to schedule and dispatch the individual orders, but also to monitor and track the schedule attainment.

You can create a schedule from within the Work Center Utilization card, within the Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planner app. You simply select a certain number of operations and add them to a schedule - either an existing schedule or new schedule.

Activate Freezing of Schedules in Customizing if you want to allow app users to freeze schedules in the app. Freezing a schedule is a prerequisite so that schedule execution can be tracked once the schedule period has started.

Schedules that are not frozen are deleted automatically once the schedule period starts.

How to Create a Schedule using Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners

Scheduling via Maintenance Scheduling Board

The Maintenance Scheduling Board app visualizes graphically the maintenance orders, order operations, and sub-operations in your work centers.

In the table area, maintenance orders, order operations, and sub-operations are shown in their hierarchical structure, with the order at the top level, and the operations and sub-operations, at the second level.

A Gantt chart shows orders, operations, and sub-operations on a timeline. This allows you to quickly identify scheduling conflicts.

You can filter the orders, order operations, and sub-operations as needed and show more detailed information for them.

How to Check Schedule Attainment using Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners

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