Embedding AI in SAP solutions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Extend the capabilities of your business applications using the SAP AI Portfolio

AI Strategy

See the following video to learn how SAP AI helps to intelligently manage business processes.

Description of SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad including available Machine Learning Business Services: Document Entity Recognition, Document Information Extraction, Data Attribute Recommendation, and Personalized Recommendation

With the standardized AI interface called AI API, your own AI models as well as the SAP AI Business Services can be easily integrated into your business applications as well as managed, monitored, and operated with SAP AI Launchpad.


The consumption of these AI capabilities is possible thanks to the standardized AI API that allows the unified consumption and operations of AI scenarios, regardless of whether it is provided on SAP or on partner technology platforms.

In more detail, SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad offer the following:

  • SAP AI Core: This provides the infrastructure to productize your AI applications and services. You can train and deploy AI models cost-efficiently at scale and integrate them into your business applications with the help of a standardized AI interface. AI scenarios can be developed using any open source ML framework. SAP AI Core provides full lifecycle management support such as content deployment using the GitOps principle. It is built around state-of-the-art open source solutions such as Argo Workflows and KFServing.
  • SAP AI Launchpad: Is the central application to access and manage your AI use cases. Connect to multiple runtimes, including SAP AI Core, and streamline the AI lifecycle management of your use cases. Leverage SAP AI Launchpad to monitor your models and continuously improve their performance.

See the following video to learn about phases of an AI process.

Embed AI into your Business Application by leveraging a standardized AI Interface for SAP AI Core. Benefit from rich tooling support e.g., SDKs.

The previously mentioned AI interface, enables you to easily embed AI into business applications as well as to operate your AI scenarios consistently across technologies - more concretely:

  • Due to the standardization, applications need to implement the logic to connect to AI services as well as to run predictions only once, and they can speed up the development further by using SDKs.
  • When the connection is in place, you can easily switch between different services, like SAP AI Core, Document Information Extraction, Document Attribute Recommendation, without requiring any changes within your applications because all services follow the same conventions.
  • Lastly, all services using the standardized AI interface can be operated from SAP AI Launchpad in the same way.

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