Calling Built-in Functions in CDS Views


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use built-in functions in ABAP CDS

Built-in Functions in CDS - Overview

Built-in Functions in ABAP SQL

Play the video to learn about using built-in functions in ABAP CDS.

Conversion Functions in ABAP CDS

Example: Currency Conversion in ABAP SQL and ABAP CDS

Play the video to see an example of currency conversion in ABAP SQL and ABAP CDS.

Some conversion functions have named parameters in ABAP SQL, but no parameter names in ABAP CDS. As a consequence, parameters which are optional in ABAP SQL become mandatory in ABAP CDS.

Let us take the timestamp conversion function TSTMP_TO_DATS() as an example. The function has four parameters, of which two are mandatory and two are optional in ABAP SQL. In ABAP CDS, all four parameters are mandatory and they are passed without explicit parameter assignment.

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