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You analyze ABAP code with an ABAP SQL SELECT. The FROM clause contains a nested joins but there are no brackets. What do you look at to find out in which sequence the joins are evaluated?
Choose the correct answer.
Your ABAP SQL SELECT statement contains the following FIELDS list: field1, field2, sum( field4 ). Only one of the following GROUP BY clauses causes a syntax error. Which one?
Choose the correct answer.
Which of the following uses of SQL function SUBSTRING( ) returns the same result as LEFT( text_field, 1)?
Choose the correct answer.
You want to calculate the ratio of two numeric values in ABAP SQL. The result should be rounded to exactly 1 decimal. What do you use to calculate the division?
Choose the correct answer.
When are you forced to define alias names for the data sources of a join?
Choose the correct answer.
EXTRACT_MONTH( ) is a generic SQL function which can handle input of different types. Which of the following built-in types are allowed for this function?
There are three correct answers.
Which of the following statements is true?
Choose the correct answer.

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